Best Web and Email Hosting Service Packages Suitable for Every Business Need

Now, the time has arrived where you can't think of doing any business without having a website. Some people may argue that only those businesses that involve online marketing need websites however, the internet has penetrated so deep in our lives that today, any business activity can be undertaken over the web. These days, people use different search engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo to look for anything they want. So, the need of a robust website for any business is much more than ever. Once, you have completed the task of designing a good website, the first step needed to ensure its online presence is finding a web host company. Web hosting services provide space and bandwidth to your website's files and data on a high-power computer server connected to the internet at very high speed. Companies offering web hosting maintain huge networks of such highly-powered servers at a physical location known as data centre and it is their responsibility to deliver your website's files to the targeted customers. These data centers are furnished with primary and backup power, fast internet connection and a staff monitoring its security. Of course, web hosting companies are going to charge you a fee depending upon the amounts of monthly data transfers, storage, emails, and other features. Fee can be paid on a monthly basis or it could be a one-time annual payment. Web hosting services are available in different types of which three of them are the most important known as shared web hosting, reseller web hosting and dedicated web hosting. Also, there are several features in a web hosting package that are provided depending on your business needs. Email hosting is a part of web hosting package that facilitates sending and receiving business emails. However, email hosting is not configured like web servers and there are no limitations on the number of email accounts that you can have. Through email hosting, you can add individual email addresses for your staff and other special purposes that allow them to send mails, documents and other files to the customers and clients. TAS communications, a leading web and email hosting services provider is offering them in different packages. Our value packs are mentioned as follows:

Bronze Package: It is the most basic package suitable for start ups and small companies without having the services of Domain Name Registration. Here, you can avail FTP access, 5 email accounts creation and email storage of 10MB at $120.

Silver Package: In this package, you can get web space of 500MB, email storage of 50MB, 10 email accounts creation, ASP and FTP access at a cost of $180.

Gold Package: If you are running a fairly large business, you should go for this package. At a cost of $350, you will have access to Domain Name Registration, 1GB web space, ASP, PHP, FTP access, 30 email accounts, 100MB email storage and much more.

All of the above-mentioned costs are per annum. If you are interested in any of the packages, you can visit our website and get in touch with us to know more.



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